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100,000 users from eight countries are served through Invitech’s servers

It is a basic requirement of every GPS or navigation system to show the shortest possible route. However, today these devices have become much more capable. Based on real-time traffic data, they can optimise the route when given accurate, fast and systematically organised traffic information. This is what TrafficNav Kft. is engaged in: it provides real-time traffic data to some 100,000 users not only in Hungary but in eight countries from Ireland to Turkey.

“Commercially available navigation systems have revolutionised traffic conditions. In this traffic evolution, our service represents the next step. Real-time traffic data have been available in Western Europe for 15 years and, thanks to TrafficNav, these services can be used in Hungary and more and more European countries. Modern navigation devices and software can manage not only route but also real-time traffic data, thus when planning the route they also consider the location of traffic jams, congestion and roadworks, and also where it is recommended to drive or change directions. TrafficNav collects and sends real-time traffic information to end users,” said Bence Makai, Managing Director at TrafficNav.

TrafficNav’s services are used – as “TMC” services on navigation devices and as “live traffic” services on devices connecting to the Internet – by some 100,000 users, and they work together with navigation brands such as NNG, Garmin, Mio or TomTom.

The result is less air pollution plus saved time that may be expressed in monetary terms.

All this is highly relevant in terms of protecting the economy and environment. Trucks, buses and cars may wait less in traffic jams, saving fuel. If we can avoid rush hours, there is no inherent impatience, unnecessary stress and waiting. And therefore air pollution also decreases, not to mention the economic and business value of the time saved.

The key to traffic jam monitoring is the fast server connection.

“Our work has two sides. On the one hand we must collect a huge amount of real-time data; on the other hand we must forward such data systematically very fast, also on an international level. Our IT network and the speed of data connections clearly play a great role in this. Our IT system can never stop; it must operate reliably day in, day out. That is why we were extremely careful when choosing an external IT partner,” said Managing Director Makai. With the assistance of Invitech, the company fully virtualised its server infrastructure, standardised its IT system and increased the capacity of this system. Ever since, the system serving eight countries has been operating from Invitech’s data centre at Kozma utca; the service provider guarantees “five-nines”, i.e. 99.999% availability regarding power supply and air-conditioning technology.

LIBRA Szoftver Zrt. is primarily engaged in the development and distribution of management software, and thanks to its parent company, Volán Elektronika Zrt., it has been a key player in the Hungarian IT market for 55 years. Its self-developed management application, called LIBRA, dates back 30 years. The company has always strived to keep up with the advancement in IT, i.e. these days the worldwide spread of cloud computing, thus its latest software for small- and medium-sized enterprises is also available as a cloud service. In this service, Invitech’s data centre at Kozma utca also plays a great role.

With its 25 advisors and 25 developers, LIBRA does not belong to giant corporations, yet it is an essential player in the Hungarian software and IT industry. They have been providing services to 180 large enterprises and more than 550 SME clients for 30 years; last year their turnover exceeded 1.5 billion Hungarian forints. LIBRA is able to develop services, primarily software products, for the sectors of both large enterprises and SMEs, thus enabling the cheaper, faster and, above all, more efficient operation of its partners. The business systems of LIBRA Szoftver have been available as leased construction and in the form of SaaS for years. The construction means that a company can use the application operation as a service for a fixed monthly fee, and the technical background and the operation are provided by LIBRA in cooperation with Invitech.

SaaS requires a background reliable 100%

The IT background infrastructure plays a highly important role in the top servicing of over 700 clients. Therefore, LIBRA pays special attention to the management of its information and communications park. The company has been working with Invitech for several years; besides Internet and telephone, it has been using server services. “When selecting the information and communications partner we primarily considered objective aspects. These include references, value for money and availability commitments; these factors are quantifiable. The factors of uncertainty – for example flexibility on weekdays, clear communication, partnership and accommodation – can only be experienced truly during work,” said László Korpácsi, Deputy CEO at LIBRA Szoftver Zrt.

Renewal of LIBRA also in the cloud

The main point of LIBRA’s new cloud service, LIBRA VIRTUA, is that only a stable Internet connection is required for the introduction and use of integrated management and corporate governance LIBRA systems. The LIBRA modules and the service package are compiled based on the needs of users who pay a use-based monthly fee for the system. This service can be truly effective exclusively if the permanent operation of and access to the servers are continuously guaranteed. For this, Invitech is also responsible.

“I believe that we have found a perfect service provider as, apart from continuous availability, they flexibly adapt to our current needs and they offer the most favourable prices in terms of both server hosting and server leasing,” added Deputy CEO Korpácsi.